1- POS service available to VISA and MASTERCARD.
2- Online payment for booking also available via ORANGE cash/wallet only.

3- Intallments available and applicable to contract NBE clients and require only ID and applies only to Egyptians and foreign nationals with established stay greater than one year. Installments applicable only to extended duration types of treatment.

4- Discounts tendered to specific treatments are fully refundable to all cases in cases of dispute

5- Offers are only valid if claimed in person or through online payment, and shall be fully refunded if not delivered as per the terms of service

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I'm a dentist and a specialized orthodontist graduated from the University of Dundee in Scotland. I run my private dental clinic and help other dentists get up to speed with knowledge in orthodontics and their cases to have better outcomes. I enjoy traveling and cooking, as well as flight simming. Huge cinema fan. Love reading non-fiction books and autobiographies.

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